dan adeyemi

creative technologist


7:08:48 AM

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As the lead creative technologist at Farfetch I was responsible for researching and prototyping new ideas both on and off site. This ranged from Chrome extensions, Instagram Filters, AR prototypes to a full blown e-commerce site. Throughout this I got to use a myriad of skills. In terms of coding I was using the usual front-end web languages, while experimenting with shading languages like GLSL and working on back-end features such as CMS components. I also hired and managed freelancers on bigger projects.

An image of an the sole dxb instagram filter
An image of a google chrome extension that shows history of sneakers for stadium goods

Working in collaboration with Perfect Cartel. I created a microsite for La Perla's 25th anniversary Maison Collection. Enlisting designer/creative Katie Ling and web developer Tara O'Shea to help me bring this to life. We designed and built a digital experience which users could interact with to see La Perla’s Maison collection. We did this buy bulding an SSR react app that allowed the user scroll through various 'rooms' to watch videos, listen to music and view images of the collection. We incorporated SVG animations and scrollytelling devices to make this a fun experience.

An image of the la perla site